What We Believe

Our Purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World.

Our shared vision is to:

    • grow in faith through the Means of Grace. We are called to practice searching the scriptures, prayer, fasting, worship, and participating in the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion so that we can mature as disciples who are on a life-long journey with God.
    • practice honest, compassionate community.   We believe God has called us to care for one another and that spiritual growth occurs best in the context of relationships. We come with openness and honesty about the challenges as well as the blessings of our lives so that we can grow in our compassion and love for others.
    • serve as the hands and feet of Christ for the transformation of the world. We are a faith community that serves. We follow in the footsteps of the One who said that he came “not to be served, but to serve.” (Mark 10: 45) According to each person’s unique, individual gifts, we ask our members to serve, either within the congregation, outside in our immediate community or beyond so that together we can make the life-changing love of God real in the world.

As followers of Jesus Christ in the Methodist tradition, we understand salvation more as a process than a one-time event.  The “way of salvation” is a life-long journey of being transformed by God’s grace.  Our understanding of salvation is a “way of grace”.  And in the language of John Wesley, our founding father, we often speak of salvation as a “path of grace” in three movements: preparing grace, justifying grace and sanctifying grace.

  • Prevenient or Preparing Grace is the ongoing presence and action of God in our lives from the moment we are born. It is the love of God that seeks us before we seek God. This is the love we did nothing to deserve even though we continue to believe we can earn it.
  • Justifying Grace (that grace that makes things right) is given to us by God through the self-giving love of Jesus Christ on the cross. We need this grace because we are out of alignment with God’s purposes due to the basic brokenness of the human condition.  The Bible calls this “sin”. Not plural, as “sins”, but the condition of Sin which is the basic distortion of self-seeking human nature.  By the gift of Christ’s sacrifice for us, we are put in right relationship with God and given spiritual “new birth”.
  • Sanctifying Grace is the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in us to restore our broken lives and to form us in the likeness of Christ.  We cooperate with the Holy Spirit through our spiritual practices (the Means of Grace).  We open ourselves to the transforming work of the Spirit through an ongoing process of confession, repentance and turning our lives back toward God.  Mistakes and failures on this life-long journey are inevitable. Yet when we surrender our failures to God, these failures become stepping-stones for the next great thing God wants to do in our lives.