Pastor’s Blog Jeremy Knight

This Sunday, as a church family we celebrate yet another rite-of-passage for many young adults that live their faith among us. We have the honor of walking with 11 High School graduates through this exciting time of transition. We also are aware that a multitude of folks connected to Main Street will be completing varying degrees of education. Their journeys impact our journeys. Their perseverance and accomplishments make all of us better. Better people, better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters – and ultimately better Disciples.

We have a core value, or credo in Youth Ministry here at Main Street that is continually repeated. An important statement that we pray is not one that is kept here or within the confines of adolescent experiences. The statement is as such; ‘There is a difference between believing in Jesus and following Jesus’. 

We strive to be a church family that not only proclaims the resurrected Christ, believes deeply in the teachings of Jesus Christ but also models Discipleship for those generations that are emerging before our very eyes.

The overwhelming majority of the high school graduates you will see Sunday morning have journeyed with us for many years. Their families are extensions of us and we are extensions of them. We have reaffirmed our covenant with them in their baptisms. We have given them bibles, VBS experiences, summer camps and much more. They have built community here, among their peers, with the shepherding love of many of you. They have traveled, experienced, worshipped, served and loved the least of these both in Hattiesburg and abroad.

Their transitions are our touchstones. As they leave for ‘next chapters’ we don’t grieve – we give thanks. We remember our responsibility to the Kingdom of God and what a blessing it is to love and nurture the next generation of disciples. We celebrate this weekend because their joy is our joy, their hope is our hope. 

Well done Main Street. 

Take a deep breath, rest for just a moment because the Kingdom work we are called to never ends. May we continue this life-giving, Christ-focused work together.  

Grace and Peace,