Aldersgate Mission

At Aldersgate Mission, the miracles work both ways: for students and for volunteers.

For students, each day, each child sees and feels something new: a new color in art class, the meaning of a new word in a song, the learning of a good deed in Scouts, or the understanding of the views of another in a book, the beauty in the words of a poem, or in the execution of a pure hit or throw in sports.

Wonderful and powerful things happen at Aldersgate every day.  We ask you to get involved come and see!

Compass Learning is a great new program that we’ve recently been utilizing at Aldersgate Mission.  This is a Language Arts program designed to improve children’s reading and comprehension.  The children spend 30 minutes twice a week on Compass Learning during the school year and since the middle of August most of the children have improved their reading ability by one (1) grade level.  During the summer the children work every day on Compass Learning.

We need volunteers every week day, from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m. to sit behind each child as they are working on the computer Compass program.  When you volunteer, you are there to watch the computer Compass program, and the child working in the program you occasionally ask them to read to you.  If the child is taking a test on the day you’re volunteering ask them the reasoning behind each answer.  This helps us to have a better idea if the child is actually reading all the information or not, and if they understand what they’re reading.