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God of life, bless the Boy Scouts from this community as they travel to
Jubilee. May they learn about themselves and each other. May they seek
peace within themselves and their brothers. AMEN.

Pastor’s Blog Rev. Aislinn Kopp

Our series on The Struggle of the Christian Life continues this week with The Struggle of Dysfunctional Families. In today’s world, we often feel like our families fail to live up to our expectations. We want to be the Cleavers from “Leave it to Beaver,” but in reality, we might be the Bundys from “Married with Children.” Families are tricky, and their function is often dysfunction. And while we focus on our own families, we also must not forget that the church is a big dysfunctional family, too. However, we are in good company! The Bible never gives us a picture of a happy nuclear family like the Cleavers. Biblical families have the disagreeable siblings, the backstabbing, the infighting, the unhappy parents, and even the family members that leave the rest of the family behind.

This Sunday, we will take a look at one of those messy Biblical families. When we think of Joseph, we may think of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but Jacob and his sons were far from a happy family. They did not even begin as a happy family. Jacob was tricked into marrying the older sister of the girl he loved (Leah) before he could marry the girl that he loved (Rachel). The sisters were jealous of one another because of the favoritism that Jacob showed and because of the favoritism he showed toward Rachel’s children (Joseph and Benjamin). No wonder the brothers had no idea how to be family to one another!

Join us Sunday as we take an honest look at family dysfunction and seek to find a way through the mess.

August 21st — August 23rd from
10:00-11:30 AM at Parkway Heights.
Registration forms are available
in the brochure racks near the
entrances to the Sanctuary

Please join us this fall at Main Street UMC Preschool! We accept infants –
Pre-Kindergarten and we would love to have your little one join us. You can
register on our church website or leave a message for our director, Betsy
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House will be August 31st and our first day of Preschool is September 5th.
Join us at Main Street for lots of love, fun and learning!