Monthly Archives: April2017

hi archyive
This summer our Youth Ministry will meet in homes on Sunday evenings.
Most nights consist of Christ-centered fellowship, a group activity, meal and
Bible study. We would love to connect with folks and families that are not
already connected to Youth Ministry. If you are interested in hosting this
summer, please email Jeremy at or call the office.

A big thank you to all who made Christmas Day Dinner happen this year,
and a special thanks to Elise Cole, Laurie Herring, and Mickye Kizer who
helped organize! Whether you made a monetary contribution; donated
canned goods or clothing; or volunteered for set up, cleanup or serving
the dinner itself; you helped to make Christmas a truly holy day. Many
hands make light work! Thanks to your willingness to give of yourself,
we fed 375 meals, and the only thing left was cake! There was truly a
spirit of fellowship as we all gathered around to eat together as the family
of Christ. Thank you for being such a loving and welcoming church.