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The USM Wesley is foundational for many of our local college students as
they seek to grow spiritually and make connections to their communities. This
year, they are seeking sponsorships for students that want to go to Statewide
Wesley. Statewide Wesley Retreat is an annual retreat for all the college
students of the Mississippi Wesley Foundations to come together for worship, teaching, fellowship, fun and rest. USM Wesley is trying to supplement
these costs as much as possible, so no student will have any financial barriers.
It costs $85 to send a student to this retreat. If you would like to sponsor a
student please contact Mary Godbold at or (601)

 He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8

DO, LOVE, WALK. That’s God’s short list. Notice, they’re all action words. They’re all verbs and imperative verbs at that. They’re verbs that inevitably ask the questions What, How and Who. What are you DOING? How and who are you LOVING? And How and with Whom are you WALKING?

We try to make our faith so complicated, but the list is short.  If we stopped at every circumstance and asked ourselves:

“How might I do justice in this circumstance?”
“How might I lovingly show kindness (or mercy) in this circumstance?”
“How might I walk humbly with God in this circumstance?”

Would our lives be radically different from the way we live them now?  It’s a short and easy list.  It’s not hard to implement.  What would it take to move this into our lives?

We have been called to DO, LOVE, and WALK.  Will we?
                                                                  Peace, Todd

At last count, the recent tornado that ripped through Hattiesburg and Petal affected about 1,000 homes, approximately 250 of those were completely destroyed. Recovery is going to take years, and we, as United Methodists know that we will be the long-term boots on the ground. Main Street is gearing up to play a supportive role to UMCOR, R3SM, and Edwards Street Fellowship Center. These three organizations are going to have plenty of opportunities for all ages and abilities.

The Youth Ecuador Mission team is having a new fundraiser, Wednesday,
February 1st at Raising Cane’s. Join us for a meal after 4:00 PM, and invite
your friends and neighbors as well. ln order for our Ecuador team to receive a
portion of the profits, customers must say “I’m here to support the Ecuador
Mission Team,” when ordering. Thanks in advance for your continued support
of our brothers and sisters in Ecuador.

Begins Sunday, January 29th at 5:30 PM in the Conference Room. We
ordered extra books, so even if you did not RSVP, you are welcome to join
us. Some reasons to be a part of this course: you have recently joined Main
Street, are thinking about joining Main Street, or are interested in learning
more about our church and being United Methodist. The class will last 6
weeks and will cover everything from the life and history of Main Street, to
basic United Methodist beliefs, to your own spiritual gifts. Youth and children
will be meeting, so there is something for everyone!

THANK YOU! Thank you, Main Street United Methodist Church for your faithfulness in stewardship and giving in 2016. We met the church budget and had a little left over! Your investment in mission and ministry is growing us. God has blessed us, and I thank God for all of YOU. YOU are the church! —Rev. Todd Watson

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy.  It takes constant effort, intentionality, prayer, study, and sacrifice.  Being a disciple truly means serving others WITH NO EXPECTATION OF REWARD.

How many things do you do in your life expecting no reward?  When I sat down to think for myself, I realized how much of my life is invested in getting something back.  Even our spiritual salvation is often framed in language like “get saved so that you may go to heaven.”  Even our salvation has an expectation of “eternal reward.”

Yet, Jesus in his life and ministry, seemed to have no expectation of reward.  His motivation was selfless love, and instead of reward, Jesus often got abuse, misunderstanding, rejection, and finally death.  So, where are we in our discipleship of living in the way of Jesus?

This Sunday our Acts text talks about reaching beyond our comfortable group to invite people different from us into the Kingdom of God.  However, such reach is not easy.  We usually want to associate in church with people who are just like us—dress like us, think like us, believe like us, look like us.  In other words, we are really only comfortable with ourselves.  Anything else is suspect.

But God has created 7 billion people who share a planet with us.  For us to truly be disciples of Jesus we are going to have to reduce our Phariseeism and judgmentalism.  We may have good judgment about living and loving for our Lord, but only our Lord gets to decide who is “in” and who is “out.”  We can follow our call to obedience and be an example to others, but only God gets to decide who is truly faithful.  We see the outside, but God sees the inside.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy.  It takes constant effort, intentionality, prayer, study, and sacrifice.  And some of that sacrifice is our willingness to put aside our desires for the desires of our God.  God help us all!

Peace,  Todd

If you would like to take advantage of Automatic Bank Draft for your contributions, please contact our Financial Manager, Donna Runnels, at 601-582-5557

THURSDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY Disciple Bible Study resumed this past week!! If you have any interest in joining, it’s not too late. To get a book, talk to Aislinn or Todd and join us Thursdays at 11:30 AM. Come to the church office, and someone will direct you to the location