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hi archyive

This Sunday our worship text will be the story of the Good Samaritan. Though this story is familiar to all of us, I think that often when we read the parable of the Good Samaritan, we miss the point of the story. In the parable, when the lawyer (who was not a lawyer like we think of a lawyer, but really more like a seminary professor or highly educated clergyperson) correctly identifies the Samaritan as the neighbor, Jesus responds with the words, “That is the right answer; do this and you will live.”

I think when we read Jesus’ initial response we focus on the “do this.” And so we interpret the parable to mean that Jesus is telling the lawyer (and us) to go and be good Samaritans by noticing those in need and helping them. In other words, we think Jesus was telling us to go and “do something.”

But I want to submit a different way of reading the story. I would suggest that maybe Jesus wasn’t telling this man to DO something so much as he was challenging him to SEE the world around him, especially its people, in a different way. To put it another way, perhaps it isn’t as much about what we DO as it is about how we perceive and live. How we ARE in this world.

Let’s start a holy revolution of our lives from the inside out. May God show us how to SEE and BE in this world.