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Pastor’s Blog  Rev. Aislinn Kopp
During our staff retreat on Tuesday, we agreed that worship at Main Street is an authentic expression of who we are as a church. No matter the service that we attend, we find our place there-in the way that we worship God and in community with the people of God. This week, I have been studying both 1 Kings 8 and Psalm 84-the dedication of Solomon’s Temple and a temple liturgy. Some scholars think that pilgrims making their way to the temple in Jerusalem may have sung Psalm 84.   For the Israelites, the temple was the place where Gods’ presence was housed. They knew that wherever they were, God’s presence was always in the temple-God was dwelling among men. When they were singing Psalm 84, they were remembering the dedication of the temple-when God’s presence filled the temple to the degree that “the priests could not stand to minister.” The words that they sang in the Psalm, “A day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere,” reminded them that no matter where they lived, what their profession was, what their socioeconomic status was, a day in the presence of God was the most important day of their lives.
What privilege we have to be able to gather together as the Body of Christ! In Matthew 18:20, Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered, I will be there also.” Every time we gather together in Christian Community, whether it is in worship, fellowship, serving together, or even at a movie in the park, we are in the presence of God.
If our worship is an authentic expression of who we are as a church, we know that we are a church that is called to community. We are called to dwell in the presence of God that is always there when two or three are gathered, and as we prepare for Team Sunday next week, we are discerning where God is calling us to gather with others and serve at Main Street. Where do you see God among us at Main Street? Maybe that is where God is calling you to serve.
Main Street UMC Preschool Open House is Thursday, September 3rd at 10:00a.m.
We invite all of our church friends to join us! Please call Betsy Alston in the
church office, 601-582-5557, to register your child or for more information.
School starts on Tuesday, September 8th.

Pastor’s Blog  Rev. Todd Watson

EDUCATION Christians of the Methodist stream of faith have always believed that education is one of the means God uses to help persons become more of the creations God intended. John Wesley and his brother, Charles Wesley, were studying at Oxford University in Britain when they discerned a “method” of spiritual practice (study, prayer, worship, fasting, good works) that launched the Methodist movement. Since that time Methodists around the world have started thousands of schools, colleges, and universities to aid persons of all persuasions find ways “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”


COMMUNITY Christians of the Methodist stream of believers have always believed that though we are individual people, we only experience the Love of God, Salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit in a true Community of Faith, which we call Church. Thus, when people begin or end educational endeavors, the church looks to encourage, hear, test, affirm, and grow through the discoveries of its members. Thus, the church and the academy are partners, not enemies as sometimes portrayed. There is no knowledge of which God is afraid, and there is no knowledge of which the church should fear. Wisdom and faith are practices of holy living, and though shaped by knowledge, are not the same as knowledge.


BLESSING From the earliest biblical records, people have sought the blessing of God and their faith community on their journeys. Education and knowledge are journeys of discovery, self-awareness, insight, healing, and progress. Thus, as we mark a new year of education for members of our community, pre-Kindergarten to Post Doctoral work, we as a community of faith gather to bless the work of all of these minds. In this blessing we also ask for God’s involvement in EVERY SECOND of discovery and understanding, that faith and wisdom would be cultivated alongside knowledge.


THIS SUNDAY we will be blessing backpacks and briefcases of all students, teachers, administrators, and staffs of many educational institutions. If you are a part of education in any way, please bring your backpack or briefcase and put it at the altar when you arrive. At the appropriate time in the service we will call you down to receive a blessing and cross for the beginning of this school year. We want to honor your work of learning and let you know that we believe God is with you at every step. God bless us all as we learn from one another and journey together in faith.

Peace, Todd


TEAM SUNDAY, August 30!
On August 30th, Main Street will have a combined worship service at 10,
and then our version of “dinner on the grounds” in the Fellowship Hall. We
all have collegiate or professional sports teams that we support, and this is a
chance to join a ministry team at Main Street and invest yourself for the next
church year! On that Sunday, please wear the jersey of your favorite team,
share yourself in worship, then come and enjoy smoked pork or smoked
chicken and tailgate foods as we join together in ministry as a church!


So here we are friends. For many of us, these days are riddled with to-do lists, last-minute preparations and the excitement or anxiety of a new school year. Within just a few days, most grade school students in the Pine Belt will be back in the classroom. Many, much like myself, enter into what essentially is a ‘new year’. For most of our students, it is less than welcomed but for most of our parents it can be an answered prayer.
At our house, a first grader is enjoying his last day of ‘summer’ as I type this. To say he is either excited or dreadful would miss the mark. He tends to wallow somewhere in the middle. Isn’t he much like us?
Our text this week comes from Acts chapter 10 where the Apostle Simon Peter receives a vision while on a rooftop. The Lord reveals to him a new thing, a new movement he desires of him and the young, vibrant, courageous early church. Much like Simon Peter and my strapping six year-old Leyton, I find myself meandering in the middle at times. I can become mentally intrigued by a God who makes all things new and continually calls me forward to experience Grace in new and profound ways. I can also become stagnant to rest on what I know to be comfortable, safe and dare I say, ‘traditional’.
What if we embraced this new school year like we embrace a new calendar year?
What if we sought after the potential instead of the common?
What if we stepped forward into the newness knowing and trusting that God’s Grace goes before us?
Simon Peter told God no three times in their exchange. May we be less stubborn in this season and seek after a new thing God may be calling us to, both individually and as a community.
I hope you’ll join us in worship Sunday as we seek after a God who makes all things new.
Peace, Jeremy

Jeremy knight