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Thank you from Patrick Hutto, Wesley Director

Dear Main Street UMC Members,
Thank you so much for participating in the Friends of Wesley Fundraising event again this year. Main
Street UMC has been a faithful supporter of this event and the ministry of Wesley, and each year I am amazed by the generosity of your members. As a result of your generosity and many other churches in our Hattiesburg community, we were able to raise over $7,000 to help with our programming and mission efforts on the campus of USM. Thanks for providing support for the next generation of church leaders during some of the most trying and spiritually demanding times of their young lives. Keep being salt and light!
Amazed by Him,
Patrick Hutto, USM Wesley Director

Pastor’s Blog Rev. Vicki Loflin Johnson  April 17, 2015

“It is the wind and the rain, O God, the cold and the storm that make this earth of Thine to blossom and bear its fruit.  So in our lives it is storm and stress and hurt and suffering that make real men and women bring the world’s work to its highest perfection.  Let us learn then in these growing years to respect the harder sterner aspects of life together with its joy and laughter, and to weave them all into the great web which hangs holy to the Lord.”   —W.E.B. Dubois

Seeds don’t sprout without moisture. Things don’t grow without rain.  Our spiritual lives do not often grow more deeply rooted without some adversity.  Peter Scazzero, pastor, and author of the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, believes that grief and loss are two of the primary means by which God strengthens and matures our faith.

Like many people, my spirits start to sag a little when the rainy days linger.  But I remind myself to be patient because I trust and believe that God can and does work through the “down days” to bring deeper healing.  Of course, if someone is clinically depressed, they need additional help from physicians and counselors.  But for many of us, a simple acceptance of our sadness and an extra gentleness toward ourselves may create the space for God to do some deeper work.

The truth of the resurrection means that God can and will redeem all that is broken and lost and failed in our lives.  Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our God makes all things new!

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the good news of the resurrection!

Walking with you,  Vicki