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Pastor’s Blog, January 1, 2015  Rev. Todd Watson

This Sunday in worship we will be addressing personal AND community covenant in worship, but a large part of Christian faithfulness is how we live our lives outside of the walls of church facilities.  If we are only Christians in the “church house,” we are really not “Christ ones” at all.  Even a cursory examination of our gospel texts reveals that Jesus was mostly frustrated and angry with the piously religious folk of his day–mainly because they were very pious at the Temple, and lived quite differently in their business, family, and peer relationships.  Jesus despised religious pretense, and demanded that people live their faithfulness to God consistently in every area of life.

Times change, but the struggles of humanity remain the same across time.  We too have social pressure to live one way at our “temple” and another way everywhere else in our lives.  Do we talk one way at church, and quite differently elsewhere?  Do we tell certain jokes outside of church, and different ones at church?  Do we treat church folks one way, and restaurant wait staff, coworkers, and employees another?

To live consistently, to live conscientiously, to live faithfully, requires a groundedness and connection to God that is only sustained in a daily, intentional connection with God and with others making the same commitment.  In America where we idolize “the rugged individual,” we often forget that our faith community, the church, is as necessary to our journey as our personal walk with God.  We need both a personal relationship and a communal relationship.  “It takes a village” of faith to shape, to form, and to complete each one of us!

As we live, and work in 2014, may we be aware that the call of Christ is about every dimension of all of our lives.  There is no political, business, social, or practical self separate from our Christian self. To live as if there is a difference cheapens our faith.  There is a quote on my office wall that reminds me every day that my Christianity is a call to ALL of me, not just my church self.

7 Deadly Social Sins

Politics without Principle

Wealth without Work

Commerce without Morality

Pleasure without Conscience

Education without Character

Science without Humanity

Worship without Sacrifice

May God help us live our faith everywhere, all the time!



who gave up a small portion of your

Christmas Day to be a part of
our 13th annual Christmas Day Dinner. It was truly an incredible day! We were able
to feed close to 200 people, but it would not have been possible without all of you
who helped serve our guests. I also want to thank Wanda for preparing the food
and for all those who donated clothes and blankets. If you have any suggestions for
next year, or would like to be on the committee, please let us know.
Thank you again.
Lisa Young